Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My MyGlam Bag Purchase!

Yay I received my additional order from myglam!! (actually recieved about a month ago, created this post, and never posted it! D:) Since August was my first bag, I never got these products from the previous bags. So I purchased the MyGlam brush set ($20) and the false eyelashes (3 sets for $10)! So fun! I love makeup brushes and could never have too many! Plus, I've never played with false lashes before and these were such an amazing price! So I thought, why not? Only $32.95 total. MyGlam is awesome!! And I love the bonus stickers :) My most favorite thing OF ALL is the metallic pink package that every glam bag order comes in! 

UPDATE: MyGlam is now ipsy... beauty by you, I definitely recommend checking out the website and subscribing!! I look forward to my MyGlam bag every month!! :)

The brush set included: 
-Classic Crease Brush from March 2012 bag
-All-over eye shadow brush from the April 2012 bag
-Eyeliner brush from the April 2012 bag
-Defining eyeliner brush from the May 2012 bag
-Concealer brush from the May 2012 bag
-And the myglam brush case from the March 2012 bag

Then we've got the fun false eyelashes with lash glue! 
And here are the 3 different styles that I they sent me:
Sample Set (with Glue)

So excited to play with all of these great things!!

Happy GlamBag-ing!
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