Sunday, August 25, 2013

My new babies! Sigma Brushes


I wanted to take some time to tell you about these new amazing brushes that I received!

I've been contemplating on getting these for about a year. They've caught my attention so much on YouTube from so many different beauty guru's that I finally decided to look at the website... I must say, I should've done that a LONG time ago because then I would've seen how cheap they are and would've had them so much sooner!

Since SO many people have them, and they're so popular, might as well try them, right?

I've been wanting new brushes because I've been using the Bare Escentuals brushes, and they're just feeling scratchy and not good on my face. And I haven't been at all happy with how my makeup has been applying. Bronzer isn't blending good and I even thought my concealer was the wrong color for me because it wouldn't blend with  my Bare Escentuals concealer brush. Ended up taking a lot of time!
Plus, I've had these Bare Escentuals brushes for about 6 years, so I figured it's time to get some new really good quality ones.

The Sigma brushes have really changed my makeup application dramatically. So I want to make sure everyone knows about these little gems in the makeup world :)

This is the kit that I bought!
I've had them for 6 months, now and they're still as soft as when I first got them!
Click here to view the collections!

These are MAC quality brushes and HALF the price!!

They also have them in different colors like black, turquoise, baby blue, and purple.

I urge you guys to try them!! Seriously if you don't like them, just send them back.. but I highly doubt that will happen!

Go here and you won't be disappointed! At least look at the prices of the individual brushes! They start at $10.00!!

                                 Click Here For the Brushes!

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