Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New iPhone 5 and Super Pretty New Cases!! YAY!

I'm SO excited about this new iPhone 5! I love, love, love it! I could go on for days about this phone, but I'll go ahead and focus on these awesome new cases I got for it in the mail today :)

I stumbled upon these while looking for a case that was made of TPU material. 
I've always had phone cases of this material and I highly recommend this kind if you want a case that isn't so bulky. 

I fell in love with TPU cases about 5 years ago, and have never had any other type of case since then. (AND I DROP MY PHONE A LOT!)

This material gives you the bendy, flexible benefit (like silicone) and also a sturdy plastic type feeling so that it doesn't stretch out, (like plain silicone cases usually do... drives me nuts).

So, when you drop your phone, it just bounces and no damage comes of it, and it doesn't break or fall off like those stupid snap-on plastic cases do!!

Anyways! My boyfriend wanted a red case, so I saw this on amazon and I thought, "Well, perfect, found a red one". Then, of course put it in my amazon shopping cart, but I wasn't able to pick one color! I didn't want them to send me a random color that I didn't want... 
So I went back and actually read the whole description.. like I should've done in the first place! And it said that you actually get ALL 9 CASES!! I was super excited!!! All for only $15.99! And $21.35 after shipping... which is only $2.37 per case including shipping!!

Now, I know you can't find that price ANYWHERE at those kiosks in the malls. They're such rip-off's there!
Killer deal, right?! So I was wayyy excited! Especially since I already had my phone for a few days, and needed a case ASAP!

Of course, since my favorite color is orange, I chose the orange case!

A few air bubbles near the top it looks like, but I've found that they go away after the phone "settles in".

Love these cases! 

*** Update 3/1/14: Still using these cases and rotating between all of the colors and I'm still in love with them! :D

Have a good day!!
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My MyGlam Bag Purchase!

Yay I received my additional order from myglam!! (actually recieved about a month ago, created this post, and never posted it! D:) Since August was my first bag, I never got these products from the previous bags. So I purchased the MyGlam brush set ($20) and the false eyelashes (3 sets for $10)! So fun! I love makeup brushes and could never have too many! Plus, I've never played with false lashes before and these were such an amazing price! So I thought, why not? Only $32.95 total. MyGlam is awesome!! And I love the bonus stickers :) My most favorite thing OF ALL is the metallic pink package that every glam bag order comes in! 

UPDATE: MyGlam is now ipsy... beauty by you, I definitely recommend checking out the website and subscribing!! I look forward to my MyGlam bag every month!! :)

The brush set included: 
-Classic Crease Brush from March 2012 bag
-All-over eye shadow brush from the April 2012 bag
-Eyeliner brush from the April 2012 bag
-Defining eyeliner brush from the May 2012 bag
-Concealer brush from the May 2012 bag
-And the myglam brush case from the March 2012 bag

Then we've got the fun false eyelashes with lash glue! 
And here are the 3 different styles that I they sent me:
Sample Set (with Glue)

So excited to play with all of these great things!!

Happy GlamBag-ing!
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